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Microbiology: dynamic modification of Corynebacterium diphtheria

Over the past 300 years, microbiologists have been extensively studying microorganisms and trying to understand why they act like the way we do. After the invention of the microscope microbiology has beat up and we see the results in sectors such as agriculture, biology, genetics, medicine and engineering. Microbiology changed how man thought after discovering that tiny living organisms affect our lives so much and continue to help us get more advanced and better prepared.

One of the main advantages of Microbiology is to help researchers find treatments and cures of diseases that are deadly. It is true that these organisms cause a lot of diseases themselves but none can challenge their benefits-has proved valuable again. For example, Corynebacterium diphtheria-is a bacterium that causes respiratory infections in humans and can be fatal. However, it also has anticancer abilities to treat different types of cancer.

Discovered by Edwin Klebs bacteriologists and Friedrich Loffler, the bacterium produces toxins due to the presence of a certain gene. Multiplies the numbers of human body secretes diphtheria that is toxic in nature and causes cancer. People affected by bacteria are termed symptoms such as sore throat, painful swallowing, fever, difficulty breathing, etc. Since it is toxic to humans, the urgency of the administration of vaccines and antibiotics may not emphasised more. When that is confirmed, the doctor begins with an injection to get toxic in the muscle or vein. It is then followed by antibiotics to help the infection goes away.

As has been said before that the micro-organisms also have two sides to its currency-is as dangerous as favorable. Now that we know about this organism, we can find the cure for the infection and also use it as medicine for other diseases. Studying the nature of these tiny living things lets us know around us better. This branch of science is evolving at great speed and change over time. With different segments of Microbiology dealing with various sectors-food, air, water, and everyone is trying to find answers to make it better and healthier for the people. Nobody would have thought of microscope or even tiny organisms 300 years ago, but today they are making a big difference in our world. Hopefully, preventions and cures for deadly diseases would be discovered by microbiologists and these would be used for their true value.

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