Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013

Rigid explained against folding wheelchairs

Disabled athletes are rarely seen in competition in a folding wheelchair. Why? The reason is increased performance rigid wheelchair. All athletes trying to optimize performance. But performance is not only important for Sports wheelchairs, is important for daily active users as well. A rigid wheelchair well-designed becomes part of the body of a disabled user, enabling easy access and freedom of movement. What are the characteristics of a rigid wheelchair which give superior performance?

oReduced maintenance and weight: folding chairs have a lot of moving parts that undergo stress. These parts often need to be adjusted or replaced regularly to keep the Chair in alignment. Due to this strain, thicker walled aluminum is required and therefore the wheelchairs are usually heavy. Rigid wheelchairs have fewer moving parts and less things to go wrong. Rigid wheelchairs are generally more resistant and age better folding wheelchair.

push energy oMuch on wheels is lost in flexural folding wheelchair parts. Since the rigid carrycot has fewer moving parts, most of the energy to push on the wheels is translated into forward motion. In short, rigid wheelchair may be easier to push a wheelchair.

cathie_km3cj78 the need to fold, folding wheelchair design may not be optimized for performance. For example, folding the pram wheels are usually placed well behind the platform, in order to allow the wheelchair close properly. This project puts a lot of weight on the wheels. With the rigid wheelchair, the distance between the footrest and wheel is usually much shorter; placing more weight on the rear wheels. Less weight on wheels makes it easier to turn the wheelchair.

oBecause rigid wheelchairs are lighter and more manuverable and more folding wheelchair, perform better, i.e., are easier for the user to move. But this is not only an advantage for athletes. Imagine a wheelchair up a ramp unassisted. This can be trickier in a heavy folding chair, than a manuverable, ultra-light, which may be lighter than 10 kg or more.

In summary, because of the weight, design and less moving parts, the performance of a rigid wheelchair are usually better than a folding wheelchair. This difference can become even more evident as the age of wheelchairs.

Performance is just one of the advantages of a rigid wheelchair on folding wheelchair. The following is a partial list of the benefits of rigid wheelchairs on folding chairs:

Better Body Fit (Design): The primary design of a wheelchair is hard to adapt to the user’s body. The primary design of a folding wheelchair is sometimes. Folding wheelchairs are usually squared, while rigid wheelchairs conform to the shape of the body. For example, with a rigid Chair, one can taper the design conforms to body shape (big hips, tight knees) that can contain the body of users. Even the chassis between the knees and the footrest can be tapered (wide, narrow knee-foot) by holding the foot in place. With a folding chair, you can taper did not or does not close completely.

After the adjustment of the market: rigid Wheelchairs generally have multiple configurations and settings then folding chairs. Most folding wheelchairs have limitations in their settings and configurations. For example, many folding wheelchairs don’t allow for adjusting the angle between the backrest and seat.

Independence: users can easily make transfers from rigid wheelchair in some cars independently. With a folding wheelchair, the user usually requires a companion fold the wheelchair and put it in the trunk. With some rigid wheelchairs forms, the user can transfer by car from inside the car, remove the two wheels, fold down the backrest and bring the wheelchair inside the car and place it on the back seat or on the floor. An independent transfer would be more difficult in a folding wheelchair.

Aesthetics: Some rigid wheelchairs are designed to be attractive. Folding wheelchairs are rarely considered attractive, functional only

Flu tips for birds

To combat a possible avian flu epidemic of birds, the following should be considered and done:

1. The single most important thing that can be done for an epidemic, such as bird flu, is to have well prepared local health systems. People must be prepared in ways that are sustainable and will remain useful even though the epidemic does not occur.

2. preparation of social rules and emergency procedures that could limit or delay the spread of the epidemic of bird flu. Wash your hands regularly and other benefit custom cleaning can save more lives than all other drugs combined.

3. the proper recognition and prizes should be given to those who have come with effective vaccines for the disease of bird flu. On the same note, vaccine producers should be given the freedom to make use of material needed for vaccines. You may notice that some parts of the Government are discouraging such activities rather than encourage them.

4. Relevant medicines and vaccines for the disease of bird flu should be bought and sold at fair prices. This is in relation to the intellectual property rights of the people. To confiscate these things is to reduce incentives for innovation and protection that can help many people in the future.

5. Make preparations to ensure the continuity of power and power supplies. The most relevant supplies should include control of the system and the use of mass transit to provide nutrition and get workers to their destination.

6. the Federal Government, while powerful, is deemed powerless in the worst outbreak of bird flu. It is therefore appropriate to local plans have to be used when the situation warrants.

7. Encourage the formation of prediction markets about the epidemic of bird flu. This will give people a better idea and perspective of the probability of a possible widespread including human-to-human transmission.

8. There should be enough foreign aid for the receipt of information on the progress of avian influenza. This will be particularly useful in some Asian countries, where the avian flu epidemic is rampant bird.

9. the World Health Organization should be reformed to be able to meet these outbreaks. Greater autonomy to its lenders.

If there are a few things to do before or at the time of outbreak of bird flu, there are also things that should not be done:

1. stockpiling of Tamiflu and vaccines have their useful roles. But should be the centerpiece of a plan. Besides medical limitations these investments, institutional factors, such as transport, will limit the ability to allocate these supplies quickly to those who need them.

2. don’t rely solely on mass isolations and quarantines. Both can be counterproductive. Rather than limit the spread of bird flu, have a tendency to spread the disease.

3. during any kind of epidemic, people should not expect the army armed forces or be part of a useful response plan. An outbreak of bird flu is no exception. As powerful as they may seem, they are also responsible for having the disease themselves.

4. don’t expect to block or isolate the pandemic in his country of origin. One should never assume that it has not spread abroad already. Once a pandemic has begun abroad, public places such as schools and markets should be switched off immediately to be sure side.

5. people should not obsess avian flu at the expense of other medical problems. The outbreak or other public health crisis could come from any number of sources. Focusing on local and decentralised response preparation, this is a pretty robust plan that will prove useful before and during the deployment of this type.

Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Choosing a good water bottle with filter

A good water bottle with filter would be a boon for any outdoor enthusiast. Plastic water bottles with filters were something that runners, cyclists and hikers thought should come out a long time ago. Everyone can benefit from having water filtered.

How do you choose a good water bottle with filter? Mostly depends on where you’re going. Deep in the Woods, hikers must take special precautions. Those springs that were once safe to drink from are no longer “pristine”. You may need a device that removes cysts of giardia or cryptosporidium.

At home, we can easily remove those risks with the right device. But, until recently, there was nothing to help a hiker. Now, there are solutions. They can be relatively expensive, but to avoid the risk of disease on your hike, probably worth it.

What most people need when they travel to the Office or jog downtown is a water bottle at reasonable prices with filter built in a robust plastic that should be able to withstand years of abuse. If it slips out of the way, you’ll get a bounce instead of an explosion.

There are some bottles of water with filters that make it a little harder to lose grip. Actually have what they call the pliers “Dyno-flex” to ensure that there is little possibility of tampering or slippage. This should offer some sense of security, and the bottle is robust enough that if it did fall off in any way, you wouldn’t even bother to filter breakage.

A water bottle with filter is not only good for taking on a travel or gym. People can use it while commuting to and from work or even at the Office throughout the day. The water fountain is questionable place to get a drink, the better, especially if you work in a city like DC or Baltimore.

Some companies have invested in programs of bottled water delivery for their employees. But, the waters are stored in plastic for too long. Consumer Reports researchers have shown that 80% of the water is contaminated with BPA from jugs by 5 gallons.

Bottled water with filters can also be of use to students moving, a supply of fresh water and filtered for all programming. A student could save as much as $ 500 per year in addition to buy Dasani, Aquafina or another brand.

How about a water bottle with filter for people who are traveling? Unlike most portable water pitchers on the market, some of these travel companions not only filter out chlorine and odor. Actually block lead, which might come in handy on the road.

Why sweating is good for health, especially during exercise

Many people don’t like to sweat as sweat makes them feel sticky and uncomfortable; sweat can not smell good and might leave some unwanted stains on our clothes. But perspiration or sweating is essential for good health and fitness, especially during exercise; serves as a biological cleaning system for our body.

You see we drink water for many important physiological functions; water helps the cells and tissues for transporting important elements or compounds like sodium and sugar all over our bodies. Water also helps blood flow and provides structural and cohesion between lubrication all important body parts. Also helps to control the temperature in our body.

The temperature of the human body helps regulate the internal environment to maintain a stable, constant condition. When the body temperature becomes too high, we experience a fever and, ultimately, heat stroke. If it is too low, you will feel cold. The body’s ability to regulate its internal physiology to maintain stability in response to fluctuations in the external environment is known as ‘ Homeostasis ‘.

For example, perspiration has an enormous effect on body temperature, especially during exercise. As we exercise, accelerate chemical reactions and mechanical movement is in our body. These activities produce thermal energy that moves inside the body outwards, along the surface of the skin, performed together with our sweat, which in turn raises our body temperature. Sweating also plays a small role in keeping the amount of body fluid homeostasis, or equilibrium.

Our body is constantly in search of homeostasis; the inability to maintain homeostasis may lead to disease, a condition known as homeostatic imbalance. Diseases that result from a homeostatic imbalance include diabetes, dehydration, hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, gout and any disease caused by the presence of a toxin in the bloodstream.

As you can see, our body must maintain a balance in order to work properly. Exercise and sweating definitely help our bodies in this regard; This is the reason why we are often advised to exercise regularly.

If you can’t remember or figure out what has been discussed so far, just remember one thing: “exercise and sweating not only can help keep us fit and healthy but more importantly, also help to regulate and maintain a balance in our body”.