Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Choosing a good water bottle with filter

A good water bottle with filter would be a boon for any outdoor enthusiast. Plastic water bottles with filters were something that runners, cyclists and hikers thought should come out a long time ago. Everyone can benefit from having water filtered.

How do you choose a good water bottle with filter? Mostly depends on where you’re going. Deep in the Woods, hikers must take special precautions. Those springs that were once safe to drink from are no longer “pristine”. You may need a device that removes cysts of giardia or cryptosporidium.

At home, we can easily remove those risks with the right device. But, until recently, there was nothing to help a hiker. Now, there are solutions. They can be relatively expensive, but to avoid the risk of disease on your hike, probably worth it.

What most people need when they travel to the Office or jog downtown is a water bottle at reasonable prices with filter built in a robust plastic that should be able to withstand years of abuse. If it slips out of the way, you’ll get a bounce instead of an explosion.

There are some bottles of water with filters that make it a little harder to lose grip. Actually have what they call the pliers “Dyno-flex” to ensure that there is little possibility of tampering or slippage. This should offer some sense of security, and the bottle is robust enough that if it did fall off in any way, you wouldn’t even bother to filter breakage.

A water bottle with filter is not only good for taking on a travel or gym. People can use it while commuting to and from work or even at the Office throughout the day. The water fountain is questionable place to get a drink, the better, especially if you work in a city like DC or Baltimore.

Some companies have invested in programs of bottled water delivery for their employees. But, the waters are stored in plastic for too long. Consumer Reports researchers have shown that 80% of the water is contaminated with BPA from jugs by 5 gallons.

Bottled water with filters can also be of use to students moving, a supply of fresh water and filtered for all programming. A student could save as much as $ 500 per year in addition to buy Dasani, Aquafina or another brand.

How about a water bottle with filter for people who are traveling? Unlike most portable water pitchers on the market, some of these travel companions not only filter out chlorine and odor. Actually block lead, which might come in handy on the road.

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